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Welld Health Partnerships

Best in class solutions, integrated with Welld

Welld Health is more than a technology company. Born from a health club operating dozens of locations in multiple states, we know it takes a strategic portfolio of services and technology companies to make operations a success. Below are our strategic partnerships.

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Welld Health and the YMCA

Starting with Y-USA's selection of Welld as the go-to DPP health record during a transition from a previous EMR implementation, Welld has been supporting Y-USA evidence-based health interventions since 2018.

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Daxko Certified Partner

Welld integrates member demographic and behavior data with all Daxko products, include CSI, Club Automation, Daxko Operations, and Zen Planner.

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The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD)

Working to solve public health issues at a national level, Welld Health and NACDD have partnered multiple times to support the Diabetes Prevention Program. Most recently, NACDD and Welld Health have teamed up to increase enrollment in the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP).

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MedHealthFit and the HealthyStats Program

Welld Health has partnered with MedHealthFit's Eric Durak to offer a unique program aimed at generating proper outcomes.

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