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Welld Welcomes MDPP Suppliers through the MDPP Enrollment Project

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With support from the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) Enrollment Project, existing MDPP suppliers that apply and receive an award can now obtain access to Welld

for free

Project Overview

The MDPP Enrollment Project is a technical assistance and funding opportunity for MDPP suppliers that are ready and willing to focus efforts to increase enrollment into their program but may be lacking the administrative and/or billing infrastructure to facilitate claims submission. By providing complementary access to Welld as a data management, billing, and claims platform, the project will ensure that all MDPP suppliers have a cost-effective system for accessing Medicare reimbursement.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the MDPP Enrollment Project is to:

  • Increase each MDPP supplier’s enrollment by at least 80 participants within 12 months of the award.
  • Utilize Welld's data management and billing platform to increase capacity and decrease administrative burden for each MDPP supplier.
  • Obtain and implement guidance and best practices from the American Medical Association (AMA) to increase healthcare provider referrals to each MDPP supplier.
  • Obtain communication and marketing support for each MDPP supplier.
  • Share learnings and problem solve with subject matter experts about increasing MDPP enrollment.

Project Eligibility and Application Process

Only MDPP suppliers are eligible to apply for this opportunity. If you are already an MDPP supplier, someone from your organization should have received an email invitation with a link to the application. If you are an MDPP supplier and your organization did not receive the email, please contact us immediately. Applications are due by Monday, October 12th, 2020. To apply, you must have registered for one of three informational webinars. Please note, viewing of the webinar is highly recommended prior to submission of your application.

IconCOMPLETED - September 29th from 1-2 pm ET

IconCOMPLETED - September 30th from 3-4 pm ET

IconCOMPLETED - October 5th from 3-4 pm ET

If you are not yet an MDPP supplier, please contact us separately to learn more.

Informational Webinar FAQs

Throughout the duration of the webinars, participants asked a series of questions. Similar questions have been consolidated into a single question.

The FAQ document includes three sections:

  1. RFA Questions
  2. Project Questions
  3. Welld Health Questions

Key Welld Features

Welld referral spot illustration

Grow with Welld Referral Generator

Welld helps you track referring sources like physicians, employers, and community partners to ensure you market your services to your top referrers. Templated letters and easy outcomes reporting help you prove your value. And our high tech integrations with external referral systems like EMRs and fax services (see our Interoperability page) reduce the manual burden of processing referrals.

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Track Participation with Welld Program Engine

Specifically configured for diabetes prevention programs, Welld has all the rules and guidelines built right in to help you stay on track and document progress throughout the program. Welld will remind you of upcoming and overdue sessions, help you deliver virtual sessions and eventually return to in-person meetings, and give you easy downloads for your Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) reports.

Welld claims spot illustration

Earn Reimbursement with Welld Claims Distributor

Welld will automatically trigger claims based on the participant weight and attendance information you document during MDPP group sessions. You'll have the chance to review simple drafts of the claims before approving them to be submitted to Medicare and other payers.

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