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Welld Health Supports Y's Health Data

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Welld Health and YMCA of the USA are pleased to announce a pilot of the Welld platform. With Welld, participating Y locations can leverage Welld's modern toolset: intuitive screens track HIPAA data; insurance requirements are documented; and Y members have access and control over their own data.

Currently, three pilot associations with give Welld a try, in advance of changes coming to the Y technical landscape in 2019. Don't want to wait for the pilot? We'd be happy to get your Y Association setup and running Welld. Just give us a call or drop us a line and we'll reach out to get you up an running.

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Full DPP Support

Full DPP Support

Welld's intutive screens lets you track progress for weight loss, active minutes, and session attendence acorss mutliple cohorts and for each individual. One-click data exports keep you complaint with CDC and CMS requirements.

Insurance Claims

Easy Insurance Claims

Welld technology automatically creates claims based on members' progress in a program, and provides real time insurance verification and claims status reporting.

Multi-Location, Multi-Program

Multi-Location, Multi-Program

With robust permissions, track your business and health outcomes for any level of your hierachy. With Welld, you'll understand everything from enrollment rates at individual branches to national weight loss and blood pressure stabilization.

HIPAA Compliant

Member Features

Y Members receive free access to Welld features to track the health data, connect any wearable device, watch educational videos, and participant in Y programs.