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Diabetes Prevention

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and it’s ever so much more cost effective! We believe in the idea of being well in the first place and doing what we can to help prevent chronic disease states.  We all know the devastation diabetes can cause to quality and length of life not to mention the economic impacts on our healthcare system.

Welld’s integrated platform combines the power of connectivity, education, goal-setting and accountability in one place helping you deliver a DPP that is easy to manage for the benefit of everyone.

Looking for help getting started with DPP? Check out our blog post demystifying the rules.

We handle all the heavy-lifting for you: onboarding, eligibility tracking, curriculum delivery, progress monitoring, reporting --  and Medicare billing. 

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Welld is Your MDPP Solution

As of April 1, 2018, Medicare will begin to reimburse for participation in their MDPP program. Up to $670 per participant. But it can be a complicated 2 year program, full of authorization, reimbursement, and audit requirements.

Welld makes it easy to get authorized, maintain auditable records, and run the program. Our structured cohorts, events library, and educational materials will help you run the program smoothly. Additionally, we take care of the government and insurance reporting requirements for you.

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Activity & Wellness Data


We are proud to offer a CDC recognized program to help monitor and maintain program requirements for a participant.

Personalized Goal Tracking


We’ll process Medicare reimbursement requests, starting April 2018, for participants enrolled in the Welld Health DPP.

Wellness Education


It’s easy to deliver the CDC curriculum, schedule group education and events and monitor attendance with Welld.

HIPAA Compliant


Gain access to this DPP through our fitness club and wellness center partners.