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Insurance, Claims, & Reimbursement

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Your members want you to be a health professional. Why not get paid like one?

You've heard the talk: insurance claims are a great way to source additional revenue for the programs you're already running. PHIT Act is coming soon. Registered Dietitians can make back their labor costs. Diabetes Prevention can earn good money for a cohort of participants.

To help you capture these funds, Welld has the features to verify insurance information for your members and trigger the claims.

Generate Claims

Generate Claims

Using the health data you already enter into Welld, our software will create claims and send them to the biller of your choice.

Instant Verification

Instant Verification

Modern clubs record their members' insurance information, for a future when all health club work is reimbursable. Welld allows you to get a head start on that future.

Medical Partners

Medicare Programs

Check-ins programs like Silver Sneakers become easy and painless. Account for the money you should be getting, not just the check you receive.