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FitPlan - Welld's Person Centered Plans

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, writer and pioneering aviator

Person centered planning is at the core of the tailored member experience. Welld helps you develop individualized plans based on referrals from physicians, readiness assessments and personal goals in the context of evolving, living plans that grow with your members. Support their progress along the path to wellness with comprehensive health records, enrollment histories and program outcomes.

Activity & Wellness Data

Referral Management

Welld helps you process referrals from multiple sources, follow-up with your new leads and route them to the first steps on their path to fitness.

Official Weigh Ins

Tailored Assessments

You know the questions you want to ask to help people get engaged your health and wellness programming. From Readiness and demographics to exit surveys, Welld helps you fine-tune your FitPlan process

Wellness Education

Make FitPlan Recommendations

As a health professional, building a person centered FitPlan helps your members utilize your facilities and programs more fully and in a personalized context that helps them reach their goals.

HIPAA Compliant

Track Conversions

Welld will help you keep track of the enrollments that became members and also how long those memberships remain active. We’ll also log gym check-ins to help you see how much the member is using the gym to implement their FitPlan.